In this episode, Luis talked to Yann Ilunga, and they discuss common pitfalls, managing interviews, and the visual aspects of podcasting. Whether you have dozens or thousands of listeners, Yann will give you advice that can help increase interactions ensure that your podcast reaches your audience across all platforms. Unlock the secret to growing and maintaining your podcast community!

“As a podcaster, everybody should focus on building a community.” - Yann Ilunga

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5:04 - Yann explains some of the biggest podcast mistakes.

9:31 - How do you sell without being all about sales?

15:44 - Yann explains the importance of the use of visuals.

21:58 - Distribution: am I on the right platforms and directories?

27:30 - Yann weighs in on Anchor.

34:16 - How to find and maneuver podcast guests and interviews.

51:20 - Yann gives advice on building your podcast community.

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