What is Newsjacking?

Is it legal? HA that was what I asked the first time I heard of this while scrolling through my emails.

A few months later I ran into the work of David Meerman Scott, the dude who created it (whom I’ve met and had the chance to speak to). The guy is brilliant and the method WORKS.

So today, we dive to newsjacking and how to bake this into your PODCAST content.

Secret….I’m VERYYY big on this right now and it's not mine (like most of my good ideas haha).

It's being the “Oprah” of your brand. (Shout out to Craig Ballantyne) I’ve adapted it to be more of the “ESPN” of your industry. Entertaining, up-to-date and educational.


“Newsjacking is when you take a topic that is newsworthy as of right now and talk about it but THEN tie back to your content ”
- Luis Diaz

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1:12 The number one way to go viral all-year round

1:22 What is newsjacking

2:36 Types of newsjacking

2:55 As a podcaster, how can you capitalize on newsjacking

3:57 Where to find trending content

4:18 How to use the holidays to get more attention




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