In this episode, Luis talks with Joey Percia about storytelling and copy and how those can be utilized to motivate, inspire, or otherwise call an audience to action. Joey’s insights include relevance, titles, balance, and much more. Listen in to hear how you can use Joey’s book and insights to get your audience to purchase and participate!

“The story you’re telling has to be relevant to the person reading it.” - Joey Percia

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5:14 - Joey explains his background and his inspiration for the title of his book.

9:41 - Joey walks through the importance of storytelling and its use in motivating others.

15:23 - Luis asks Joey his process of helping others in their businesses.

17:41 - Joey explains his offer pyramid.

23:25 - Common mistakes Joey sees in storytelling on sales pages and how he fixes them.

29:45 - Joey walks through his interview process.

32:31 - Go-to frameworks Joey uses for titles.

38:08 - Joey talks through his book writing process and what he learned through that process.

41:13 - Joey explains his qualifying quota.

46:51 - Joey hits a few final key points that could be helpful to make the difference in your audience.

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