Probably one of the most exciting interviews I’ve done in a while.

Today I’m joined by entrepreneur, former WWE Women’s Champ Celeste Bonin and one of our podcast partners here at Podcast Domination.

I wanted to bring her on because she has a hilarious personality, a great storyteller, a very honest human who’s been through a lot.

She is an entrepreneur who had a lot of ups and downs and made it through them.

We get into a lot of WWE. So if you're a fan of wrestling, like I was when I was younger, you'll enjoy this episode. Kind of takes you behind the scenes.

You will also hear a bit of personal branding and some funny, interesting facts about Kava and what that is.

This is not the typical flavor of the episode of the podcast.

However, it is very entertaining.

And you'll learn a thing or two.



07:51 How a massive shift change of your mindset can get you moving ahead 5x faster

11:39 On her designs being copied by competitors and the idea of upgrade and revamp

14:49 How she got into wrestling and her journey to becoming a wrestling diva champ

32:00 What her wrestling career did to her character

32:46 A little background about her business named Celestial Bodiez

34:21 How does a wrestling match work, insider details you only know if you're a wrestler

36:52 Wrestling terminologies: the shine, the cut-off, the heat, the comeback, hope spots, and the finish

40:09 The lessons in wrestling she incorporated into her own business now

43:36 Her vegan lifestyle. ONE YEAR IN!

49:06 How she built her personal brand, no paid traffic 100% organic

01:01:31 One actionable tip for e-commerce businessmen wannabe: Have a concept and have a legit product or service.

01:03:32 The value of having good people working under you

01:06:16 What is Kava Bar?

01:08:13 What is Kratom??

01:10:12 Her new business venture called Bula Bar!


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