Okay take a step back and think about all the hard work you put into your podcast.

I bet it is a lot, and I bet you're not getting paid directly to do it.

I’m no different as I write this. It's 12:49 AM, jeezz and yes I STILL write my intros because I fell I need to inject my corny sense of humor and slick talkin’ in here and there :)

So, how much time does it take to produce YOUR podcast?

36mins? One hour ? 2 hours? 5 hours?

Think about the process for a sec.

There is tracking down the guest, setting up the interview, preparing for the meeting, doing the interview, editing the audio, writing show notes, doing graphics, so people even know it exists lol.

Then sending the files to the guest. 

And praying to God that they even make a faint attempt to share it…

Jeez.  That was a lot of typing.

So how long is it for you?

Here’s a better question how much do you charge per hour for what you do?

$100? $200 $300 $750 ?

Is it worth it? You decide.


“The amount of time and energy it takes to put into a show is a lot… Are you ready to invest that kind of time in one piece of content?”
-  Luis Diaz


0:40 - Testing a piece of equipment that you can use to record the podcast on your phone

2:13 - Two school of thoughts regarding podcast production that does not work

3:57 - Stage 1: Pre-planning

5:46 - Stage 2: Actual recording

6:30 - Stage 3: Post-production

8:37 - Why show notes are important

10:15 - Stage 4: Uploading and Promotion

12:55 - The total amount of time it takes to produce a 60-min episode


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