A true practitioner of his craft and a guy who’s been doing for a while Ravi Jaygopal has been podcasting for many years and has tried many different things to drive traffic to his content.

Which is why I want to bring him on as a guest. I actually discovered his podcast through a Reddit forum about podcasting. Which is one of the strategies he talks about today?

You’ll learn so unheard of ways to go about marketing your podcast, which is both in my opinion HIGHLY underused, usually underpriced and very fun.

My challenge for you is to find ONE thing Ravi talks about here and actually go and do it.

Then tag me (@luisryandiaz) and Ravi (@ravijayagopal) on IG. Talk soon :)


6:56 - Ravi’s journey through podcasting

12:04 - How did podcast come along, origin story.

18:07 - The big difference between making money because of your podcast and not from your podcast. KEY HERE**

20:49 - Why podcast is the best fan building tool?

23:05 - One of the many reasons, why a lot of people want to have a podcast.

29:13 - The ugly truth about building your email list with a podcast...

32:24 - What is the 95-5 Rule?

33:15 - The most common mistakes podcasters make.

34:51 - Find out the key on how to use your podcast to grow your email list

36:59 - Best practices on how your show notes work well for your website

44:14 - Different ways to promote your podcast KEY **


Confessions of a Wannabe PodcaSTAR

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