I said it before, and I’ll repeat it. I am not original; however, I am a pretty good observer and good at identifying what works for a podcast. 

The secret that’s not so much of a mystery is the fact that marketing a podcast is like marketing a product. The same principles typically apply with just minor tweaks to fit the medium. 

However, today we're talking about two things that are too awesome podcasters are not using which I am positive will help you grow your show and increase your reach! 

This episode, will layout two things that I want you to try immediately. Also if you check out my Instagram you can see I’ve been doing a bit more of this as well. 😉 

I won’t spoil these for you so make sure you listen to the episode.

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“People need to hear your message more and more nowadays ‘coz there’s just more and more competition… it is harder to stand out.” - Luis Diaz

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1:20 - The best marketing podcast that you can listen to

1:50 - Why you should stream your podcast recording/session

2:28 - Five places where you can stream

3:32 - How to pique your listener’s curiosity so you get high-quality leads

Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

Marketing School by Neil Patel and Eric Siu

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