PSTTTT can I tell you one secret about podcasting …?

I learned this after researching, studying, analyzing, and analyzing tons of the top shows, the Pat Flynn’s, John Lee Dumas’, the Tim Ferriss’ for years… year freaking years.

I BET you won’t see this coming; I know it because I didn’t see it either.

It was pretty refreshing but again a stark reminder that this is an actual long game.

Okay okay, I’ve teased it enough, the secret…?

For your show to grow, you’ve got to get scrappy and resourceful.

Today I’m going to help you achieve those TWO things. You see shows grow over timeeeeee not overnight.

Even the BIGGEST names have come to me saying “man I don’t know what it is, but I just can’t grow my show.”

You’d be shocked to see it not only you.

Scrappy and resourceful means you use every piece of real estate, every opportunity, every collab, every post (well okay almost every position), every new relationship to promote, share and connect with new potential podcast listeners.

This episode is going to help you leverage two more ways to grow your show.


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0:59 Number one trick: Make use of ManyChat

1:27 How to drive traffic from your Facebook page using ManyChat to your website

2:09 Targeting older demographics on Facebook

2:55 Number two trick: Repurpose your content into written content

3:25 One simple way to convert your audio content to a blog post in LinkedIn and Medium


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