I've been wanting to do this for a long time 4 many years I've had to sort through the endless  slew of podcast episodes to find the handful that really were good and made an impact.  A good podcast episode is how I like to start my weeks,  and weekends so hopefully this helps you shorten the list of shows you need to listen to. 

These top 21 episodes were picked by yours truly and a few our team members, Let me know which episodes were your favorites what you would like to see on next month's Edition!! 

Feel free to submit podcast episodes you thought were worthy of the Domination List  to me  in the Facebook group


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3:47 - Tim Ferriss - #376: How Seth Godin Manages His Life — Rules, Principles, and Obsessions (Repost)

4:58 - Reid Hoffman - 10 New Rules for Big Career Changes (The Graduation Episode) w/ Jordan Harbinger

7:18 - Neil Patel and Eric Siu - 7 Examples of World Class Content That Stand Out From The Rest | Ep. #1067

8:01 - Vince Del Monte - Master the Follow-Up with Jarrod Glandt

8:58 - Dennis’s Brown - 5 LinkedIn Tips For Building Your Personal Brand with Dennis Brown

10:09 - Noah Kagan - My Favorite Productivity Hacks Ever

11:39 - Smartest Guys in Marketing - #175: Wanting something is not enough

12:35 - How I built this - Yelp: Jeremy Stoppelman

13:32 - Elevation Church - When The Battle Chooses You

14:33 - Daxy Perez - Podcasting For Your Personality Type...

15:40 - Luis Diaz - How To Build A Podcast Empire From 0 To Reaching Millions with a Few Simple Secrets

17:46 - Kaivan Dave - #20: How to stop procrastinating

18:52 - For podcasting industry Rob Walch - 146 Podcasting, Privacy and When To Fire Your Podcasting Agency 

19:52 - Joel Marion - Football, Dancing with the Stars, and the “IF” in Life, Feat. Rashad Jennings, with Joel Marion – BTI 34

21:47 - Craig and Bedros Keulian - The Secrets to Becoming a Millionaire - 104 

23:30 - This "Bodybuilding Yogi" Explains Why Mindset Trumps All

25:07 - MFCEO - EMPTY THE TANK: Why You Must Execute After You're Exhausted, with Andy Frisella - MFCEO303

25:51 - Rhonda Patrick - Dr. Elissa Epel on Telomeres and the Role of Stress Biology in Cellular Aging

26:41 - Ben Greenfield - The Most Proven Supplements For Performance & Recovery, Cold Water Immersion vs. Cryotherapy, The New Science of Athletic Performance & Much More!

28:54 - The Power of Reinventing Yourself, ft. Nolan Carroll (Former NFL Player), with Alex Quin

30:04 - The State of Podcasting in 2019 with Matt and Pat

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