if you are not happy with the performance of your podcasts or you’re underwhelmed by amount of  people listening to your show then.

This episode is for you.

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Know how to monetize your podcast first remember this your podcast is a product and if you treat it like so it will do much better.

That means it needs to have a unique benefit to the person listening and it needs to serve a very specific audience so that you’re not just talking to everyone with ears....

So to save you time personally from what I’ve seen the shows it monetize have a few things in common number one they have a very specific audience that listens to the show which makes the content very very engaging and relevant.

Secondly they are not afraid to have direct calls to action on their episodes whether it’s in the front middle or end of the episode.

This doesn’t mean it has to be a pitch fest.

But if you have a product that you stand by and that you know you can help people with telling people exactly how to get it and where to get it isn’t a bad idea.

But I do have to say you have to really know who you’re talking to and speak to their pains and provide a solution.