Making your podcast grow successfully so that you can build your own brand and audience requires consistency, creativity, and the appropriate system; the right tools can get you to the right people and make your numbers go up substantially. In this episode, the King of Automated Organic Growth and outstanding software entrepreneur, Hani Mourra, shares how you can be at the forefront of the competitive podcasting world through the beauty of automation. We know it’s not only about working hard, but also effectively. Join us to hear Hani’s recommendations, based on real experiences, to reach your potential audience by using the best tools in the game.

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In this episode:

  • Hani explains his experience as a software creator and how your content can be better shared
  • Why you need to know how to grow your podcast content to convey your message and reach a larger audience
  • The top places to re-share your podcast content
  • How the Repurpose flow-chart can help you automatically publish your podcast to multiple platforms. Plus, get an overview of how the software works
  • Learn how to kick-off the magic of automation using Repurpose to boost the way you reach your audience

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