I love tools.

And if you’re like me, then you will enjoy this episode.

Not only it will be very profound, but it will be useful.

You will learn how to find email addresses for super high profile people, how to create easy to remember URLs in seconds, a simple $25 tool that keeps you from LOSING LISTENERS when they click the link to listen to your show. :)

And much more!

Enjoy the tools!


If you can capture good conversations with great content, you can build a better show.
- Luis Diaz


*** Season TWO is COMING! Starting May 1st. We will be doing SHORT actionable 5 min episodes with no show notes and no fluff :) ***


1:24 A bot-creating software

2:09 Wordpress plugin that allows you to have a super simple URL

3:03 The best free graphic-design tool website

4:03 Best E-mail finding tool

5:12 How to grow your email list through giveaways

5:43 Capture data from any phone via text

7:48 How to fix messy podcast links

9:05 The Easiest Way To Record Calls On The iPhone

10:04 Facebook Live stuff

10:48 The easiest way to promote, share & track your content on Twitter


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