Spotify, Pandora Castbox, Podbean, and many others are legit ways to build an audience in other areas. Apple Podcasts/ iTunes is still essential.

BUT don’t forget other places are sprouting, growing and moving in.

PLUS these smaller directories are Often more willing to help you improve so long as you reciprocate the value.

“A lot of the times we always forget about the other podcast directories, we just focus on iTunes or Apple Podcast. That is a mistake.”
-  Luis Diaz


1:06 - Why you should not depend on iTunes only for your podcast

1:45 - Other podcast platforms want to help you promote your podcast too

3:35 - Simplest and most effective way to promote your podcast plus Luis’ email script!

4:23 - The “bigger fish in smaller ponds” strategy

5:55 - A good platform for female podcasters to promote their show

6:53 - Other “smaller ponds” and tips on how to make your podcast promotion easier

8:40 - Why meet-ups are good for local businesses



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