Ever thought of running ads to grow your show? Well, I did. And here are my results.

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“Overcast, that’s why I like them because their ads platform is super simple and I think they share with you some secrets and some things that I've learned you can really use to kind of milk it.”
- Luis Diaz


01:26 Explanation of his results of overcast podcast ads

02:28 Describing Overcast Stats features and what makes it advantageous over Libsyn and iTunes

03:10 Where to find stats in Overcast: overcast.fm/ads

04:02 What comprise the Overcast statistics and what are they showing

06:10 What is this podcast stats for and why you should have them

09:36 More Advertising platforms for podcast start-ups

10:17 Why you need good copy and ads

12:21 Running down on one of his stats results and describing what's in it and how it helps

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