I love email marketing but there are two things that make it not the best tool for me.

  1. I’m not good at it.
  2. It’s getting harder to hit the inbox and get your message read. So you’ve got to be DAMN GOOD. 

So for me, ManyChat is something that's, not quite as competitive as email plus open rates are better.

Today, you’ll learn some strategies on how to use your podcast and ManyChat together to build awareness, leads and some ideas around incorporating flash sales on your episode.


You don't want to stand out to everyone, but you want to stand out to the people who you can actually serve and get paid to do so.
- Luis Diaz

Connect with me luis@podcastdomination.co


1:00 One tool to use to leverage your podcast reach

1:41 Why do you need to use chatbots to grow your audience, increase downloads and build authority

3:53 In-depth training; set up a mini-training using ManyChat

5:35 How ManyChat will solve the problem of podcasters that wanted to track their data

6:22 Shownotes and bonuses; put them on your ManyChat sequence or blast them to your list

7:31 Send links to the latest episode using ManyChat

8:05 Flash sales, one-time sales; leverage ManyChat with these offerings

9:12 Using ManyChat for Market Research

11:10 How to stand out to your ideal customer

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