Today I sit down with my friend April, from the Get Fit FAST with this Foodie by April Meracle podcast.

We look at what she’s doing to grow the podcast, and I offer some advice and ideas around how she could further develop her show and serve her audience better.

I hope you learn, act and dominate :)


2:51 April's end goal with the podcast

3:47 The distribution process she followed whenever an episode is published

5:02 Luis' recommendation on how to maximize the use of the Headliner App

7:40 What is the most frequently asked question of April's audience

9:47 Two big ways to widen your listenership

13:20 Luis and April diving deep on her audience's age demographic

14:20 April's lead magnet for her podcast listeners

15:07 Luis' suggestion on how to make an irresistible offer for her audience

24:59 The Apple Podcast Algorithm

26:59 Find out the top place to have paid advertising for  your podcast

33:17 Podcast Domination's services package






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