How do some shows grow faster than others? How is it that the listeners of some podcasts are able to increase the visibility of the show?

Today I want to share with you the 6 pillars of scale and how to use them for you podcast. These are ways you can accelerate your audience growth, build a fanbase faster and get your message out to people faster.

“Word of mouth marketing is going to be your best friend for scaling and growing your podcast.” - Luis Diaz

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1:00 - The 6 Pillars of Scale - how Luis came up with it and how it will help you

1:45 - #1 Media Features - the 3 media platforms that you can use to leverage your show

4:24 - #2 Tribe Building - a huge and cost-effective way to grow your podcast

5:16 - #3 Paid Traffic 2.0 - what you can use for paid traffic aside from Facebook or Instagram

7:30 - #4 Speaking at Offline and Online Evens - getting quality traffic and the right audience

8:28 - #5 Partnership - how to build strategic partnership

9:18 - #6 Influencer Marketing - how to get others to promote your show

10:10 - Tips and tools to get you more media features

11:40 - Four tips on how to build a tribe

14:21 - Bonus tool that you can use to scale your podcast 

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Free PR: How To Get Chased By The Press Without Hiring a PR Firm by Cameron Herold and Adrian Salamunovic


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