Monetizing a podcast is one of the MOST frequent topics in the history of podcasting!!!!!!

Fact is that we ALL have asked about it at one point in time. Today I’m going to share with you two things that are going to allow you to create and DOMINATE a simple and clear path to creating revenue from your podcast.

Plus the details on how to get my free training on the 7 Key Monetization Models to fit any business/podcast model. 

The truth about making money from a podcast, if your not intentional and patient about it you won’t really like your results. 

Planning what I call the “listener journey” is something we do with clients to ensure we know what happens from subscribing to buying. 


“Plan before profit.” - Luis Diaz

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0:43 - Luis’ two mantras

2:06 - Why this episode is not for sponsorship and how to get the 7 Key Monetization Model Training for free

3:09 - What is the 6-Figure Podcasting Funnels - why you should build it before trying to get money

5:46 - Funnel 1 - Sending your listeners from the podcast to Facebook group

9:17 - Funnel 2 - Putting a ‘book a free call’ call-to-action

11:14 - Funnel 3 - The Challenge Method - great if you have a good product

13:46 - The importance of thinking about where your customers go after listening to your podcast

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