Getting the show off the ground is the hardest part. Even though there are a ton of “free” guides, courses, and challenges out there today. The issues are not the fact that information isn’t out there the issue is that you don’t have the time and have never done it before. 

Fear plus a lack of time = no results. 

Hence its why people work with us. Today, I’ll take you through the framework we use to launch podcasts step by step. 


“A podcast is great. But what is the overall big movement that we are starting here?” - Luis Diaz

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0:40 - The 5-step framework for the launch a popular podcast 

1:17 - Why many podcasters have difficulties with the launch phase..and what to do about it. 

2:20 - Week 1 - Blueprinting your podcast and what equipment to use

5:32 - Week 2 - How to plot the content of your podcast

7:24 - Week 3 - All about branding considerations

8:58 - Week 4 - Pre-launch and promoting the podcast plus Luis’ strategy on making a list

11:54 - Week 5 - Launching the podcast and one advice on how to share it

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