On this episode, I had the pleasure to speak with Thad Riley who is a Christian writer and motivational speaker who focuses on sharing his personal experience to help, support and encourage other people who are going through similar situations become happier individuals and go from feeling helpless and depressed to motivated and blessed. 

Thad shares his motivation for his podcast and expectations for me to help him find the right ideas and tools to make his message more engaging and find his ideal customer who will benefit from everything he has to offer when it comes to helping them feel motivated, relieved and hopeful. 

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In this episode:

  • Thad speaks about how he uses his personal challenges to help and encourage people for positive change. 
  • What is your customer thinking? Based on Thad’s needs for his podcast channel, we go over some different ideas in hopes that it will help him connect with his market and up level his podcast. 
  • How to use tools like Reddit, Quora, to get some more insight into what the customers want
  • The importance of an intro and outro on a podcast 
  • Three most important action steps to take when it comes to interviewing the ideal customer 

*Resources Mentioned in this Episode*

God is For You: My Journey to Find Jesus in Desolation and Coffee Shops




Hani Mourra

The Microscript Rules 

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