What the heck is intent based podcasting? More importantly, why should you care?

Today I’m going to let you in on a super simple method I learned from one of the greatest internet marketers on the planet, Frank Kern, and how I adapted his proven system for making content that sells like hotcakes to make podcast content that attracts your audience like bears on honey.

Plus its ridiculously simple a chimpanzee can do it.

Seriously... it's a plug and play system, and all you need is a pen and paper (I know you’re probably on an iPhone right now) so open up Google docs or word and get ready.

I’m going to share with you the key questions you need to answer before you even think about recording a podcast, how structure your few episodes and how to strategically pick guests that help you sell more stuff, attract more clients and build more authority….this may sound manipulative but its not its directly attacking your content creation with strategy and thoughtfulness.

I hope you enjoy my episode on Intent Based Podcasting (and yes I created that with some help from Uncle Frank)

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2:20 What is Intent Based Podcasting and how it can help you create a great experience for your listener

3:58  Identify the desires of your audience FIRST...before doing anything else or going any further….

5:42 One super simple way to find out your audience’s desired outcome that 99% of people overlook...

5:56 Identify the core beliefs of your audience

8:15 How the belief system help you create your content

10:05 Why do you need to start with pillar episodes when you launch a podcast and how to use them to drive traffic and page views for a while :)

15:29 Bonus tip: Update the levels of your intent based podcasting

People Mentioned:

Andy Frisella

Frank Kern


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