Luis with Podcast Domination asks Mike Piet to share the secrets to growing your YouTube channel with the 4-step framework.  Included below is the link for the tools for keyword research for YouTube. Mike left his job as a radiographer to marketing after seeing Tony Robbins at an event.

Mike says to just go Live on YouTube.  

People would rather watch raw and unedited videos rather than edited ones.  Plus, who has time for edits?

YouTube ads are less expensive than Google SEO and with videos you can have a more direct impact than you can with just clickable ads.


5:54  Where did Mike Piet begin?

6:13 - Attended a Toastmaster event on how to get traffic to websites where Tony Robbins was a guest speaker

11:27 - Mike is discovering that the most success his clients are having is doing “in-stream ads”

15:07 - What is the USP (Uniques Selling Proposition)

15:52 - The 4 step framework

21:46 - When it comes to the YouTube algorithm, watch time is very important

26:02 - Tools for Keyword search for YouTube

38:45 - YouTube has a bigger listening base than all of the Podcasts

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Tools for Keyword search for YouTube

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Connect with Mike Piet

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