In this episode of The Podcast Domination Show, Luis speaks with Mike and Rick Tealsman, digital marketing geniuses. Listen in as Mike, Rick, and Luis discuss tips, tricks, and strategies to leverage your following and grow a passionate tribe-like mentality. Hear how you can use proven marketing methods to transform your sphere of influence and dominate.

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“You want your followers’ lifestyle to be as closely tied to you as possible.” - Rick Tielemans

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4:28 - Mike and Rick explain how they began their careers in marketing and indoctrinating audiences.

9:17 - The Tielemans brothers describe how they developed their system.

13:02 - Mike and Rick tell Luis what causes the change from a following to a tribe.

21:21 - How you can imprint your beliefs on the brains of your followers (it’s easier than you think)

25:01 - Common mistakes that the Tielemans brothers see frequently.

29:07 - Mike and Rick explain how to utilize rituals so you can grow your following into a tribe.

40:33 - So what is the Tribe method? The Tielemans brothers describe and explain it.

45:16 - Mike and Rick tell what they do to dominate in their podcasting.

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