Have you suffered months and months of flat line show numbers (no growth in the # of DLs reviews or engagement)? Is your audience growing? Or has it flat-lined?

I don’t want that for you. So today I want you to learn from my recent conversation with a client where we broke down how we are planning to bring his show back and realign it with his current goals. 

A big problem here in the podcasting world is that everyone is selling the “idea” of podcasting but no one is really diving into the execution strategy of how to grow it. 

  • What CTA’s (Calls to action) work? 
  • How to create compelling content that people want to listen to? 
  • How do I get my show in front of new listeners? 
  • How do I actually get clients and leads from my show? 
  • How to I speak directly to my dream listener? 

Today I want to share something with you that will help pivot and move towards growth and results. Enjoy 

“We are here doing a podcast to achieve specific results and goals and we have to make sure we stay focused on that goal, no matter how long our podcast has been going.” - Luis Diaz

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0:55 - Realizing your podcast is at a flat line

2:12 - What is a podcast reset and why it’s important

4:34 - Listening to your first episode - what are the questions you need to ask yourself

6:25 - Surveying your audience - 3 points you need to determine from them

8:48 - Making a 2.0 version of your first podcast episode - how you should do it

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