What are the questions you need to ask yourself BEFORE you press record?

If you are familiar with Pastor Andy Stanley, you might find this familiar. After hearing him and Donald Miller speak about these questions I noticed something.

There wasn’t any template or worksheet for Podcasters to use to prepare thoroughly for a podcast episode.

So using these questions, I developed the Perfect Podcast Episode Planner to help you create content that sticks.

Be sure to try these out before recording your next episode to make sure what your creating is going to be relevant, valuable, and it STICKS.

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If you can’t  get attention, it’s going to be hard to make your podcast standout and grow
-Luis Diaz


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1:02 - Podcasting growth tool of the week

2:03 - How to use Many Chat for your podcast show

3:04 - Featured Presentation: Perfect podcast planning worksheet

4:39 - Purpose of the worksheet

5:53 - The number one problem of most podcasters

6:43 - What are the things you need to tell your listeners before jumping to your main content

7:31 - How to properly use show segments

8:19 - Question 1: What do the listeners need to know at the end of the podcast

8:41 - Question 2: Why do they need to know this

9:11 - Question 3: What do they need to do at the end of this episode

9:48 - Question 4: Why do they need to do this

10:34 - Question 5: How can I make this podcast memorable


People Mentioned:

Don Miller

Andy Stanley

Craig Ballantyne

Vince DelMonte

Kelly Glover



How to Plan the Perfect Podcast Episodes(Free Worksheet) - Text Perfect Worksheet to this number (561) 405-7838

5 Questions That Will Make Any Talk Clear and Memorable - INTERVIEW WITH ANDY STANLEY

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