Can you really make over $50k with a podcast..? The answer is yes.

 BUT only if you have the simple systems in place to allow listeners who are ready to go to the next level with you the opportunity to do so. Too many podcasters fail because they make connecting with them too complex and confusing. 

But there is ONE person I see doing an awesome job with this, that is Alex Charfen. When you take high-quality content and a high-value offer (and only focus on that) you can get more qualified people coming in your door.


Check out his show and check out the resources BELOW to see how he does it. 

“If you get one high ticket coaching client off a podcast, it could probably pay for your entire year and then some of the production costs.” - Luis Diaz

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1:10 - The one podcast that you can model on how to make money with your show

2:58 - Why you’re scaring off new listeners if you do not have an entry point for them in your show. 

3:46 - How to make a high converting opt-in form for your podcast 

4:10 - Thank you page - putting a high-value piece that could lead to a call

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