In this episode, I get to chat with Alyssa “Twist” Light who is known for creating marketing for the people in your audience right there and then. Right in front of business owners and salespeople whom she’s never met before, Twist can come up with everything your business needs in strategies, marketing designs, props, hashtags and more while making things entertaining with her awesome personality.

Twist has been an entrepreneur since she was 11 years old, so needless to say she has a passion for business and more so when it comes to helping people take their business to the next level and as she states, “making event planners look ​like superheroes and delegates feel ​like rockstars!” She is here to share with us some of her personal experiences in the business and the tools she uses along the way to get people to where they want to go.

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In this episode:

- Why do you need to keep it real with your customers

- The marketing pieces that she brings out to highlight the problems and finding solutions to get you where you want to go

- Twist shares some of her social media recipe cards aka social innovation monthly, and how she uses them

- The importance of giving her audience what they need.

*Resources Mentioned in this Episode*

Ontario Camps Association

Landscape Ontario conference

Irrigation Conference 2019

Brooke Elder

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