In this episode of The Podcast Domination Show, Luis speaks with Jose Perez, an expert networker and seasoned podcaster. Listen in as Jose and Luis discuss tips, tricks, and strategies to leverage your status to make huge leaps forward.

No matter how many people you reach, there’s always room for improvement. Hear how you can use proven marketing and psychological methods to grow your sphere of influence and continue to dominate.

“You have to become the highest and best version of yourself; nobody is going to come knight you.” - Jose Perez

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0:55 - Jose retells his transition from the rat race of corporate America into the world of podcasting.

9:31 - Jose speaks about his first mentor and his move into entrepreneurship.

12:07 - Jose explains how you can reach a massive audience and invest in a new type of currency (no, not that kind of currency)

19:17 - Jose shares how you can get a free production team by leveraging what you’ve got.

23:23 - Strategic and purposeful marketing to reach those people you never thought possible.

38:28 - Getting through the Gatekeepers, however many there may be.

52:17 - Imposter syndrome and how you can overcome it.

59:45 - The follow-up sequence, continuing to influence and leverage your successes.

1:07:38 - Jose gives you one more trick to seal the deal.

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