Your actions must be congruent with all of your content. In order to reach the ideal markets and uplift your audience traffic, it is required to put through a polished strategy to manage your business marketing appropriately and directly connect to the people. In this episode, I share constructive and competitive practices, in company with Julian Sage, a visionary businessman with fresh ideas and projects and one of the masterminds behind the success of the Vacational Rental Machine, a site with content to learn how to start, grow, and scale your short term rental business. Join us and note leading considerations that can help you promote your content and optimize the way you catch people´s attention, by listening to the detailed process that we touch on during this successful conversation.

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In this episode:

- Julian´s site: Vacational Rental Machine homepage.

- The key points to improve the distribution of content to better influence people.

- The importance behind knowing what your potential audience is.

- How to optimize your site, through keywords and graphics, to become more marketing-friendly.

- Importance of attracting important guests and affiliate partners.

- Ways to Increase engagement with listeners to get more people active.


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Vacation Rental Machine (Website)

Vacation Rental Machine (Youtube channel)

Vacation Rental Machine (Instagram)



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