Had a great time connecting with Lauren Tickner this week on the show.

We cover so many actionable strategies to help you grow your podcast immediately and also have one that stands out among the crowd.

Lauren and I bounce ideas back and forth and cover what she teaches her students.

You’ll learn:

  1. How to use Instagram to grow your show with Lauren's best strategies.
  2. How to lock down big-name guests for your show.
  3. Several different ways you can start to change up your content to spread your message (and the messages of others) further.
“Every time you keep trying (on reaching out to the guest), you have to come at it from a new angle.”
-  Lauren Tickner

*** Season TWO is COMING! Starting May 1st. We will be doing SHORT actionable 5 min episodes with no show notes and no fluff :) ***



4:43 - How Lauren started and grew two successful podcasts at the age of 19

11:35 - How to get you and your guest value and get more leads

19:38 - Powerful hacks on reaching out to famous/big people

25:36 - How to effectively and heavily promote your podcast in Instagram

32:50 - Promoting webinars and what to prepare when you’re a guest

35:08 - Why Lauren does not includes her giveaways and/or contest in her podcast

39:29 - Tips on how to continually grow and easily promote your podcast

51:05 - The future of podcasts - listen time and podcast ads


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