What's the fastest way to get attention from your ideal listener in podcasting?

My opinion is podcast guesting...the right way.

Today I’m joined by a good buddy of mine and fellow podcast producer, Daxy Perez. Daxy is a smart marketer.

He was able to help people launch and grow some of the largest podcasts in the world. He is responsible for over several million listens for his clients.

Today we discuss how to get on other podcasts and open the floodgates on your influence as a podcast guest!

We walk through step by step how to get on other shows and get noticed by the podcast host you want to collaborate.

You’ll Discover:

- The 4 top places to find podcasts your target audience is already listening to.
- The tips on how to position yourself as the PERFECT guest for a podcast plus exact websites to connect with them
- How to over deliver on the podcast interview so that listeners will know, like and follow you back to your site.

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“When you’re reaching out, you wanna position yourself as unique and as an authority too. If there’s something you can brag about, brag about it early.”
-  Daxy Perez


3:54 - Four main places to look for a good podcast to guest on

9:45 - How to start your outreach – tips on writing a good pitch

13:47 - Where to find ideas or inspiration for good hooks or titles

14:50 - Example of a good podcast bio done RIGHT.

16:40 - How to be a kickass podcast guest  


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