Video is sort of like the older brother of audio content. Am I hypocritical for saying that?

Maybe so, but the fact is that VIDEO IS POWERFUL.

If you're interested in using content marketing to grow your business, fill your pipeline and sell more stuff video works.

But only if your good at it.

Today my guest is a video expert Patrick Stiles, and his company Vidalytics is leading the way in helping entrepreneurs now the nitty gritty when it comes to what’s working and what's not with their videos.

Whether it's on your home page or a sales page Vidalytics can show you some interesting things about how well your audience receives your video.

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Go with the simplest path to execution. Don't put obstacles between you and success.

- Patrick Stiles

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3:35 What is Vidalytics

4:12 Major benefits of Vidalytics that can help you measure your marketing efforts, and increase revenue faster

6:03 Why does video is much better than any other medium today in 2019 and beyond

7:33 How to create a video that converts

8:07 Creating videos that will connect to your customers

10:15 Patrick’s in-depth explanation of a very effective video sales letter

12:52 How to maximize the Vidalytics platform

14:18 An effective funnel strategy that you can do when creating videos, sales pages, and emails

15:04 Why do you need a consistent messaging spread out on all platforms

15:50 How to generate five to six figures a month with organic traffic from YouTube

17:43 Does Vidalytics provide their client's data of how long they consume a video content

18:08 The most important video metric to measure your success in putting out videos

19:12 What is emotional transference and its importance when creating videos

22:05 Two main pillars of Vidalytics



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