This guy is incredible, one of the most humble people in podcasting, very intelligent, and can help you grow your show.

Not to mention I’ve purchased and used it.

If you want to improve your podcast, YouTube channel, Facebook page, etc., then this is the PODCAST you need to listen to.

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This episode will share some unique ways people have used Hani’s tools to create omnichannel awareness without adding more hours to your production process.


Note: I AM an affiliate and a happy customer of both the above products. Just FYI

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Focus on the content and then improve and get better on the production value.
- Hani Mourra


4:55 Hani telling the story of his first plugin coming to life

8:44 Types of people that can benefit from

10:41 Two ways on how to get your people to listen to your podcast

11:32 Hani’s recommendation in putting out your podcast episodes across all platforms

13:06 Gauging the audience interest base on what content they are consuming

14:28 Great SEO value through YouTube videos

15:19 Hani’s strategy on giving an effective CTA

17:57 Using for your Instagram square video posting

20:09 Adding intro and outro inside the software

20:52 Creating audio snippets and integrating to other social platforms

25:24 Workflows that you can set up in

28:16 Two ways to integrate show notes

32:50 Create automation for your Facebook lives

40:13 One practice that a podcaster must always do

45:41 Top platforms that you should be other than podcasts


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