In this episode of The Podcast Domination Show, Luis speaks with Tony DiLorenzo, acclaimed author and long-time podcaster. Tony explains how he started in the realm of podcasting, his keys to success, and his experience with sponsors. 

Whether you have just started your podcast or you have years of experience under your belt, this episode has something for you. Listen in and find out how you can change and grow your show.

“Utilize whatever platform you’re on; wherever you have your largest audience, make sure you’re there engaging them and getting them to your show.” - Tony DiLorenzo

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6:14 - Tony retells how he got his start in podcasting.

9:00 - Tony describes the current success of his content and distribution.

13:32 - Tony explains how he structures his content throughout the year.

15:09 - Tony speaks on the topic of audience feedback

18:19 - Vulnerability in podcasting: the secret to Tony’s honesty and transparency.

23:45 - Tony explains the chicken and the egg of his products and resources for his following.

28:36 - Tony recounts his experience with sponsorships.

35:17 - Tony summarizes the changes that he has made to grow his show.

Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

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Culture Code - A book about building business culture

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