Have you ever wondered how BIG time authors promote their books and hit the NYT Best Seller list..?

Well, I’m not really sure but I do know one thing they do that can help YOU grow your podcast.

They use a TEAM…(Yes podcasting is a TEAM sport!) 

At least the launch, teams can help with content, reviews, social media presence, and word of mouth.

This podcast episode will help you recruit, leads and deploy a team for your podcast launch.πŸš€ πŸš€ πŸš€ πŸš€ 


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1:18 Tool to get noticed and gain traction for your podcast show through Instagram

3:15 What is a launch team

4:02 Who can be a member of your podcast launch team

4:27 4 roles of the podcast launch team member

6:36 How to incentivize your launch team

8:39 Put some creativity on your incentives, listen on where you can get inspiration

9:45 Create a landing page for your launch team

11:09 Run a survey using a google form

13:17 Have a social media blast. Distribute. Get it out there.

14:16 Build an engaged Facebook group

14:56 Drip feed your content, share, test, and gather feedback



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