Do the same rules that apply as 2010 or has this number changed? The truth is, as always, it depends. 

However I think I have some strong points that can probably steer you in the right direction.

As you already know, social media has taken the lives and attention spans of many people for better or for worse.

Podcasts have a unique ability to steal the time people have in their cars on their commutes and in the gym we’re traditional social media cannot go however this doesn’t mean you get a free pass to waste people's time.

For your sake and for your listeners sake I think it’s extremely important to be concise and entertaining.

Then get out.

I’ll share with you a little story about when I was in the third grade, which is how I came up with this way of thinking and how I would get friends and become popular when I switch schools. 

Which happened a few times. 

After arriving at a new school in Florida I knew no one. 

And Being in the third grade I quickly noticed there were two camps.

There was a popular camp which was the camp for all the athletic kids and pretty girls and then there was the unpopular camp which consisted of the nerds and weird kids.

There was also a set of kids who tried to be popular and were extremely annoying.. lol 

I realized really quick that being around someone too long and always bothering them and never providing value was not a recipe for gaining influence or friends,  so I did the opposite. 

I didn’t come around often and usually stayed to myself, when I hung outplayed games with other kids but I never hung out too long or overstayed my welcome. 

I often didn’t hang out with one person for too long ever. Always trying to leave first, and never portrayed the notion of needing someone else. Sounds arrogant, yes but when you provide value, entertain and not overstay your welcome people start to get pulled towards you..


Treat your podcasts like that,  give great value provide some excitement and fun but don’t overstay your welcome. 

Typically  I like to keep things between 15 and 25 minutes sometimes shorter sometimes longer but the majority of messages that your audience is here can probably be shared in that time frame. 

This may not be ideal for people who treat it like a hobby but if you’re a busy entrepreneur who wants to share your message or impart some valuable wisdom to your audience you can probably do in this time frame without having to rush.

“Shorter podcasts are gonna allow you to actually be able to get your show consumed completely.” - Luis Diaz

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1:10 - Factor to consider to know how long your podcast should be

1:27 - Three reasons why you should have a shorter podcast

4:47 - Type of podcasts that are suitable to have longer episodes

5:00 - What you can do if you’re just starting out and building to reach new market

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