One thing you can do to grow a podcast substantially faster is to COPY others that have done it….

I’m a fan of copying and stealing.

Not maliciously of course, but the concept of modeling and adapting stuff.

I’ve done it all my life.

Podcasting is no different, look at what is working then see how you can spin off a similar concept that works.

Today, I’ve done one. Guess and do it. Find out if it works for you :)


Take ONE of these ideas and test it out next episode or new few episodes.

Then Tag me on IG @Luisryandiaz so I can give you a shout out!

“Don’t ask. Demand it. And give good reasons behind that (your call-to-action).”
-  Luis Diaz


3:04 - Being clear with your call-to-action

5:18 - Making people respond to your call-to-action

6:57 - How to be very effective with your teachings

9:43 - Another ‘pond’ where you can post and grow your podcast audience

13:10 - Where and how Luis continues to learn about podcasting



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