Do you want to grow your podcast and gain more followers in 2019? Do you know how or where to start?

Today, I’m going to give you three simple strategies to grow your podcast like wildfire in 2019.

We’ll also cover how to meet other podcasters, build relationships, and leverage social media for growth.

Since you’re reading this, I’m also going to give you a bonus that I’ve come across since recording this….my facebook group!

And others like it.

Getting into a group with other podcasters or an audience that is relevant can be a comfortable place to find a new audience.  

My goal for you is to pick just one thing from this list and use it for the next week.

Then report how it works here in the facebook group. I’ll hold you accountable and make sure you are taking action.


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1:15 Tip #1: Guesting on other podcasts

1:59 Two ways to position yourself for guesting more opportunities (Building relationships)

3:33 Tip #2: Getting your guest to share your show

4:22 Setting expectations and providing assets for guests to share on their social media

5:03 Make sharing easy for your guest (Make is stupid simple)

5:15 Make your guest look like a genius

5:50 Video message when the show goes live reminding your guest to share with their followers

6:48 Using Twitter to share your show

7:10 Tip #3: Getting shoutouts for shoutouts

8:30 Reach out to other podcasters in your niche

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