One of the fastest ways to boost your podcast’s image is to create a social impact.

If you’re ready to engage with your audience in an intentional, inventive way while helping out some amazing causes, you need to check out this episode.

Today, I’m giving you the tactical five-step system I used to raise money for two great charities, with the bonus of getting some free promotion along the way.

Since you’re reading this, I’m also going to give you a bonus that I’ve come across since recording this….my facebook group!

And others like it. Getting into a group with other podcasters or an audience that is relevant can be a comfortable place to find a new audience.  

My goal for you is to pick just one thing from this list and use it for the next week. Then report how it works here in the facebook group.

I’ll hold you accountable and make sure you are taking action.


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3:46 Get input from your audience and choose the causes you want to support.

4:48 Reach out to the organization; provide swipe files for them to share.

5:52 Create an account on Indigogo with branded graphics; drive all traffic here.

7:19 Record your intro and outro; call the audience to action and direct them to Indigogo.

8:13 Incentivize your audience with a bonus or discounted content.


Creating an Indiegogo Account

America’s Top Charities

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