If you're interested in launching a podcast that magnetically pulls your ideal listener to your show and floods your inbox with thank you’s and prospects interested in working with you then this podcast will be the MOST important podcast episode you listen to this WEEK…..

Imagine this for a second...

After months of research, recording, editing, your podcast its go time.

You’ve spent hours and hours looking at “how to” videos online about the best equipment to buy for a podcast,  how to set up your RSS feed, how to get your show on to Itunes and learning how to edit audio etc..

And today is the day….

You’ve finally made it... $1375.24 in fancy equipment and dozens of hours later your podcast is ready.

You’ve gone through all the tedious BS just to see your show, on Itunes and you're ready to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Months of hard, boring techie work just to make it to this point then what happens?

Crickets, no one is listening..

You’re starting to think that this was a mistake, your starting to regret it, your wondering if you should quit now and save your money and hours of confusion and frustration….

WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN? You’ve spent the last 3 months focusing on the HOW  but forgetting about the WHO...

What do they want?

Where are they on the internet?

What’s going to get them to take action?

What’s their desired outcome?

“In the beginning, you want to be niche down. You want to be very tightly focused. That way people know exactly why they're coming on the show for”
- Luis Diaz

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Intent-based podcasting and WHY this is absolutely critical for creating a magnetic podcast that can turn into your own evergreen lead generation strategy with ZERO money time or effort once set up….
  • The podcast funnel - Your listener journey (do NOT skip this part 14-16 mins)
  • The IPO  Initial Podcast Offering a 20 min exercise for coming out GUNS BLAZIN’ when you launch.

The 4 Step framework

         1. Blueprint  - Intent Based Podcasting

         2. Audio Creating

         3. Creatives

         4. Promo

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Pay attention to the 1st phase, this is where most newbie podcasters skimp.. Which why

  • the show doesn't grow
  • nobody buys anything
  • nobody listens to the show

Intent-Based Podcasting 101 Breakdown:

Step 1: Desired outcome for listeners/ what’s the tangible benefits of listening

Step 2: Three/five beliefs/actions need to achieve that desired outcome that (core messaging pillars) what are the things that are holding them back?

Step 3: Build your content to support those big beliefs, solve those problems.

Step 4: What’s the content tilt? How is the show different? What’s your spin on it?


4:29 Domination Blueprint Part One:  Purpose of your Show

4:59 In-depth understanding of Intent-Based Podcasting

9:03 Part Two of the Domination Blueprint: The Mission of your Show

12:12 What is the unique positioning of your show

13:03 The number one reason why you should not be scared to niche down

14:53 Figure out your listener’s journey

15:21 How to take your listener one level deeper into your relationship

16:37 Launch episode planning

17:16 Who is your ideal listener

17:49 Rapid free flow planning; create as many titles as you can in under 20 minutes

18:40 Pick the top ten and use it as your launch episodes

18:48 Audio Phase for your launch

19:08 Intro; it should be the desired outcome of your listener

20:22 Outro; this is the best time to talk about how to level up your relationship with your listener

22:18 Creative Phase of your launch

22:50 Tips in creating your podcast artwork

24:30 Build your launch team

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