Ok, I get it...so you’ve gained a good/decent Social media following, but there's only so much you can share in 60 seconds or on a quote card.

So how do you impact your audience and share your message with long-form content when you don’t have an email list, and you don’t have anyone going to your blog..?

Podcasting could be a possible answer for you.

I've walked a few influencers from channels like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube into the podcasting world and it helped them launch, grow and monetize their shows. So I'd share a simple guide and framework you can follow if you're looking to make the jump.

Of course, if you need help, you can always connect with me in the Facebook group too, and we can chat, not a sales pitch just free advice.

Enjoy the episode.

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3:25 Turn your followers to email subscribers

4:20 Get the answers you need. Create a survey for your email lists

4:27 Two reasons why you need to do a survey

6:06 Go LIVE on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube

7:46 Build a community around your podcast

9:24 Collaborate with other influencers in your space 

11:01 Bonus Tip: Record a video teaser for your show



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