I had the pleasure to connect with “the nicest guy” in podcasting, Yann llunga. He’s a wealth of knowledge, and in this episode, we break down the mistakes, tools and audience growth strategies Yann uses for his show and his clients.

You can learn more about Yann here.


4:29 - How Yann becomes a polyglot/multilingual
14:01 - The biggest podcasting mistakes
15:10 - Yann's Three T's principle for a successful podcast
16:25 - Podcast Episodes are evergreen content
19:01 - The advantage of using a Social Bee to promote your show
27:22 - Essential podcasting tool that gets overlooked
31:53 - Why having your own website is important in promoting your show
36:11 - How to get feedback from your listeners
43:30 - What are Content Upgrades and Why you need to implement it



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