Have you ever wondered how some people could completely crush it with challenges?

Well, I did and that's why after meeting James at a recent mastermind event in Clearwater Florida I knew I had to share what he does with Dominators out there who listen to this show weekly.

James and George are the founders of Remote Fit Pro; they are experts in teaching trainers how to run successful challenges to bring in new business and create fast results.

Moreover, I believe they are experts in experiential marketing, which is experimentally powerful.

In this interview, James and George share some fundamental truths about measuring and tracking your numbers.

There are a few key metrics they mention in the episode that they follow so take notes!

This interview also shares what podcasting has done for their business and how it contributed to their massive growth over the last 18 months.

Also, they share super simple “hacks” they use to almost demand engagement within their Facebook groups.

I was very impressed, and I know you’ll find their advice and step by step guidance on how to run a successful challenge extremely helpful if you want to experience it for yourself then go here to sign up for their next one!

“Having a specific timeframe on something is one of the most powerful things you can do in the market.”
-  George Crawshaw
“Once you have a message that is so spot-on, they can’t ignore you and they have to work with you.”
-  James Moody


4:10 - James and George’s background and how they started their online coaching business

13:10 - The basic premise of the 5 Day Challenge and why it became so successful

20:03 - Key characteristics or traits of people who are fit to do the challenge

26:35 - Advice and tips on how to launch a podcast or a challenge for your business to get more leads

31:45 - How to know if your videos are simple enough and how James and George use a podcast for their business

35:35 - The 3 KPIs that James and George use and what you should track if you are just starting out in your business

38:36 - A simple hack on how to remind people and get more engagement

41:30 - Actionable steps on starting your own challenge right now! – the do’s and don’ts

47:20 - How to prospect people to do the challenge and how a podcast can be the best asset in a business



Remote Fit Pro 5 Day Online Challenge

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