In copywriting, titles are the most significant element of a sales letter.

In podcasting, TITLES are the essential element of the written portion of a podcast, but the next most important part of a podcast is the INTRODUCTION.

Who are you?

Why should I care?

What should I keep listening???

If your intro sucks and does not convey any value, your podcast will suffer.

Listen to this episode and I guarantee if you use these expert secrets (aka the basics) your listening time per listen will automatically go up.


“Your introduction has one job and that is to get you past the five-minute point.”
- Luis Diaz

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2:54 Critical role of the podcast intro

4:10 Three elements of a valuable intro

7:05 Bonus Intro Tip: How to deliver your intro effectively

7:51 Podcast Intros Examples

9:55 How to create a powerful outro

11:02 Four critical components of an effective outro


People Mentioned

Lewis Howes

Tom Bilyeu

Will Schiller

Ryan Michler

Mike Dillard

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