Have you ever been excited to read through some transcripts?!

Probably not.

So why do you think your listeners will be?

Transcripts are excellent if you’re planning on writing a book or want to use them to pull out quotes.

It’s hard to justify the cost of doing them every single episode even if they are very cheap in some cases.

And when they are cheap and not very accurate does it make sense to put them out?

If you are still committed to putting out transcripts, this episode will share with you two ways you can make them more useful for your listeners.

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When did you ever find a transcript helpful?
- Luis Diaz

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1:42 Transcripts; do you need them or is it a waste of money

2:08 When was the last time you visit a website and read the entire transcript

2:33 Will it really help with your SEO efforts

4:07 When should you use transcripts

6:22 Two ways on how to make transcripts useful


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