After doing things for a few years, I’ve noticed “patterns” of those who make it and those who, well frankly don’t and have a hard time enjoying podcasting.

After all, it is supposed to be a little fun..right? At least?

I know this, winning = fun not winning = no fun :(

So following that logic, this episode should be called, "How to NOT Lose at Podcasting." (Avoid these handfuls of mistakes)


Now that we have a good title, enjoy this episode, avoid these mistakes and email me at if you need help growing or launching your show.

Do not launch a show with no specific benefit to the listener.
- Luis Diaz


***Season TWO is COMING! Starting May 1st. We will be doing SHORT actionable 5 min episodes with no show notes and no fluff :) ***



2:12  The danger of launching a show without a clear end goal in mind

3:55 Why do you need to have an ideal  listener

5:54 Figure out what is the benefit of your show to your listener

7:53 Do not launch without a solid promo strategy

9:17 Why do you need a website presence

11:36 What is community aspect and how it can help your show

12:38 How to properly give incentive to your listener

14:25 The importance of having a content calendar

16:18 Help listeners find your show through keywords

17:37 Find the right podcast show format for you

20:07 Have an email list before launch

20:42 Share your behind-the-scenes

21:48 Find fun in podcasting

22:51 The number one critical mistake that you need to avoid when starting a podcast

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