Im sure you heard by now about the new Apple Podcast categories. On this episode, you are going to hear me speak about it. You will hear me talk about why they are important, where you need to go, how you need to position yourself and I will run through you the whole entire list. 

But before you dive into that, press fast forward. I want to let you know this is important because one of the biggest things you can do to A. climb up the rankings and B. separate yourself and position yourself as an expert is to be in the right category. 

Guess what, if your customers are looking for a podcast about football and you're in the wrong freaking category and you talk about only football then there's a problem. They are not going to find you. 

This is important. Pay attention. Get in the right genre.  Enjoy.

One thing we help our clients with is figuring out the unique podcasting angle. What is the specific thing that makes your show better, different? The number one in this is category. That is super important in today's competitive market. It will only get more competitive so I suggest you figure out what category you want to dominate and double down on that. - Luis Diaz

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0:57 Overview of old Apple Podcast Categories

1:58 Does Apple Podcast category matter

2:33 What are the Apple Podcast categories and its new sub-categories

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