What do you think of when you hear the words “Done For You”. For me its probably one of my favorite phrases in the world and our clients’ favorites too. 

I want to peel back the curtains on how we help podcasters WIN and DOMINATE. 

The secret is to make it easy and to have a system.

When you listen to this episode, you’ll discover some simple and easy scripts you need to implement today to make your podcast grow faster, easier and without you having to do ALL the work. 


“As a podcaster, you need to be thinking about these (scripts) proactively so that you have a much easier workflow as you go on.” - Luis Diaz

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1:11 - Benefits of having scripts when you are podcasting

2:50 - #1 - Pitch script - what to write in it

4:12 - #2 - ‘Thank you’ script - it’s importance and the 4 factors you should include in it

5:51 - #3 - Social media posts script - how to make it a lot easier

7:15 - #4 - ‘Leave a review’ script - also called the money script and how it can help you a lot

9:05 - #5 - Interview request script - the 4 information you should share with your potential guest

11:35 - #6 - Intro and outro script - it’s important especially if you have sponsors

13:39 - #7 - ‘The hook’ script - where you can use it and how it can help you get subscribers

16:29 - The FREE script give away

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:


The Micro-Script Rules: It’s Not What People Hear. It’s What They Repeat by Bill Schley

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