SEO is much?

I couldn't tell you. 

But after my private conversations with Eric Siu and Neil Patel...I was convinced SEO needs to be a part of your strategy. 

If you're putting out podcasts (or plan to), pay attention.This episode is going to guide you through 4 simple ways you can get more with the SAME amount of work.

SEO is a LONG-TERM Strategy, so take this with a grain of salt.

“If you can provide a free resource that is really helpful, gets the job done for them, they’re gonna remember you.” - Luis Diaz

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1:20 - What you should know about SEO

4:09 - One thing you could be doing wrong when putting an episode

5:20 - Getting your title right

7:21 - Posting on YouTube

8:50 - The importance of backlinks plus 2 ways on how you can do it

10:52 - Why you should repurpose your content on other platforms 

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