Starting a podcast sounds fun but often as you approach the launch a lot of people will tend to get timid about sharing their story and message with so many strangers.

It happens very often. It happens to everyone. Even today as I was creating this video and podcasts, I had the same feeling of that little voice in the back of your head saying you cannot do it and who are you to advise people on podcasting. 

If you want to get validated by other people, you will never launch. You will never share anything of value with other people. Even when I was 23 and 24 years old, I had people emailing me with raving reviews about the concert I shared thanking me for being so generous and giving away such amazing helpful content.

 Before every one of those shows, I had self-doubt and felt like I wasn’t good enough.

This is 100% normal and you shouldn’t let it stop you from sharing something. Now, there is a huge chance that I even say bad things. 

And that’s perfectly OKAY. 

Deploy these three strategies on your InterVoice telling you, you can’t do it.

“You may not help all 10 people. If you help 3 people, had you not stepped out and did what you want to do?... You want to help other people.” - Luis Diaz 

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0:59 - Your self-doubt on starting a podcast

3:13 - Position what you have to say as your journey or experience

4:19 - It’s not live, you can edit or delete it anyways

5:22 - Say that it’s only your opinion and be open to claim that you could be wrong

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